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NTB-FU Sintered Bronze Bushing

Product series: NTB-FU bearing

Product Details:

Substrate characteristics

NTB-FU copper-based powder metallurgy oil bearing, is bronze powder as raw material, mold pressed sintered under high temperature, it has a fine, uniform pores, forming a vacuum impregnation after lubricating oil state.

Technical Parameters

Basic Material:CuSn6Zn6Pb3或CuSn10
Load capacity:35N/mm²
Friction coefficient μ:0.12~0.18
Temperature range:-80~160℃

Industry use:

The product has a short-term non-lubricated, low cost, high precision internal diameter size, suitable for medium-speed, low-load negative places. Products have been widely used in micro motors, appliances, power tools, textile machinery, chemical machinery, automotive and office equipment and other occasions.