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NTB-40-2 Copper base rolled bearing

Product series: NTB-40 Series

Product Details:

Substrate properties:

NTB-40-2 bronze bearing is a thin-walled bearing made of bronze material as the matrix, processed with uniform and orderly oil injection holes and rolled. It is used by injecting lubricating grease after assembly and configuring end face seal. The bearing has the advantages of large oil storage, convenient installation and small design volume. It can replace the copper sleeve and greatly reduce the cost. At present, the product has been used in medium load and low-speed occasions such as conveyor, elevator, winch and leveling machine.

Technical parameters:

-Material cusn8p0.3 or cusn6.5p0.1

-Hardness hb90-120

-Applicable temperature range - 100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃

-Maximum bearing pressure 60N / mm ²

-Maximum sliding speed 2.5m/s